Q:  Do the magnetic materials used in Visual Magnetic's products interfere with the performance of electronics or personal medical devices?

A:  No. The magnetic materials used in Visual Magnetics products are safe for use around electronics. We do not manufacture products containing neodymium (rare-earth) magnets, a type of magnet associated with interfering with the performance of electronics or personal medical devices.

Q:  Can I hire my own installer / complete the install on my own?

A:  Visual Magnetics' wall coverings must be installed by one of our certified installers. Our wall coverings require a specialized installation technique that differs from conventional wall coverings and wallpaper.  To guarantee the integrity and performance of our products, we provide a turnkey service for your entire project, from start to finish.

Q: Does a Visual Magnetic's installation produce any odor or toxic fumes?

A: Not at all. Our installation process is odorless, non-toxic and very quiet. Unlike the smelly and toxic application process of dry-erase paint, our non-invasive install process means you can cary on, business-as-usual.

Q:  Are Visual Magnetic's wall coverings similar to giant sheets of magnet?

A:  No, this may come as a surprise, but our wall coverings are are not sheets of magnet. We do use a thin magnet liner called InvisiLock® tile, below the wall covering's surface. However, our wall covering materials have a micro-iron™ coating on the backside, which means they are textiles which we have then been applied with a ferrous* based coating.  [*material containing iron]

Q:  So if your wall coverings are not magnets - does that mean that they will not stick to my refrigerator? 

A:  That is correct. Because our wall coverings are not magnets, the material would not stick to your fridge.

Q: Do your dry erase products result in markers leaving ghosting over time?

A: We are beaming with pride to tell you that our dry erase wall coverings have been developed with a non-ghosting surface. For daily upkeep we recommend a good wipe down with a micro-fiber cloth. On a weekly basis, polish with any standard glass cleaner or dry erase cleaning spray.