projects that foster work

The following is a list of featured workplace projects that Visual Magnetics has recently produced.  



Domino Magazine's HQ recently got a makeover.  The new design features our Foster dry erase wall coverings in their large meeting room.  The Domino team shares a love for grids and color, so they picked our dry erase wall coverings, pairing our 4" grid top and bottom with our 1" dot grid running along the center. The Calendar Workflow layer pack (in custom colors) + Polarity collection finishes off the look and adds to the functionality of perfect for a busy team. 


Holyrad Studio serves as a workspace for artists across disciplines – with live event activations, photo shoots and art exhibitions all taking place within the multifunctional space. Holyrad’s identity as an incubator for the creative process calls for a space that fosters the collaborative flow of work, with the flexibility to adapt to many channels of expression and communication.

Oh enlisted Visual Magnetics as a design partner, and producer, of the magnetic dry-erase wall covering to outfit the space’s feature wall. The pristine surface is a stark visual contrast to the space’s unfinished cement, and functionally, juxtaposes the photography studio and event space, as a central location for collaborative work. . The addition of a Visual Magnetics surface creates a designated destination for brainstorming, central location for noting team announcements, and the perfect place to magnetically post client projects.



Design by JIDK

NYC based JIDK redesigned the NYC office of Olapic, a social platform that allows brands to weave user generated content into their online narratives. Olapic's mission of visually connecting brands with consumers is mirrored in the office's design, which allows staffers to connect and interact with their surroundings through similar visual engagement.