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intelligent  wall coverings for the workplace


Foster is a new line of Intelligent Wall Coverings™ and modular accessories for the workplace.  Developed with patented magnetic materials technology, Foster activates your space like never before. 


100% ghost-free

We've developed the industry's highest performing dry erase  so you won't get spooked by idea's past. Our materials are designed to withstand years of heavy use without any worry of marker stains or yellowing.


here's how to get started

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1. Chat with a Foster expert

Our team of knowledgable experts work hand-in-hand with you to meet your project's goals and to find the best solution for your space's needs. Pick from one of our many in-house designs or submit your own custom design.

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 2. Don't Lift a Finger

Our wall coverings are made-to-order and our services are turn-key. We handle everything, including product consultation, project management, custom printing and installation.


3. Put Your Walls to Work

Foster is built for mind mapping, developing timelines, drawing wireframes, and basically anything you dream up. Take your brainstorm to the next level with our line of custom layers and accessories.