Dusen Dusen has created a line of bold and playful modular, magnetic wallcoverings for Visual Magnetics. The ability to rearrange shapes, allows users to continuously reinterpret Dusen Dusen’s designs. Six patterns are in the collection – with succinct and descriptive names: Checkers, Room, Futurist Flowers, Ink Shapes, Sunset Cut-outs and Coloring Book.

Dusen Dusen has garnered a cult following for a bold use of abstract shapes and vibrant colors in her designs for apparel and home goods, which made her the perfect choice to interpret Visual Magnetics’  magnetic wall coverings.

As Visual Magnetics expands offerings for home and office spaces, Ellen Van Dusen’s design process of cutting forms out of paper to create patterns directly translates to the Visual Magnetics’ reconfigurable magnetic layers, and sense of play incorporated into the products.